Who I am and Who I am Becoming

I am a young adult who is living at home and striving to live a Godly life.
I love music, theater and people. I have a brother and a sister, two wonderful parents, and a dog named Nike (it means victory in Greek, it's not just because I like the brand!)
I have no idea what my future holds, but I do know that whatever I do I want to glorify God.
I have so much growing to do, and I stumble every day, but through God's grace and mercy I am saved.
I pray one day I will be a godly wife and mother, if the Lord wills. I also want to be a missionary to another country, but no matter where I am I pray I will be a missionary to the people around me.
So this is my journey full of stories,thoughts, adventures and struggles as I strive to be a follower of Christ and an unashamed witness of the gospel of God's grace.
Romans 1:16



  1. It's wonderful to meet you! Many blessings as you grow!


  3. Hi Lauren,

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    I read through a few of your posts and really enjoy your writing style and the thoughts you have to offer. We would love to have you contribute to our blog.

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  4. Hi Lauren,

    We love your blog and your mission. We could not find an email to contact you at but we would love to feature you or be feature on your blog. If you could email us at boydsisters12@gmail.com and our blog is http://theboydsisters.blogspot.com/

    God Bless!