Thursday, October 18, 2012


As usual, I woke up at 7:15 to my "Steven Curtis Chapman" Pandora station. My parents were fairly chipper, because they had finally caught up on rest after their ten day trip to New York to see my brother.
Grumbling and exhausted I poured myself a cup of coffee and came to realize that all of my hazelnut coffee creamer was gone. That meant all I had was some of my mom's vegan almond milk (a few months ago my mom decided to go vegan.) When I went to get my healthy smart breakfast they were all gone too. So I grabbed my mug and stumbled back into my bedroom, I'm pretty sure I was still half asleep.
I got ready slower then usual, because of my lack of sleep, lack of good coffee and lack of breakfast. This reminded me how annoyed I was that we had so many people living in our house. My patience, or lack of it, was running thin. My make-up seemed to take forever to get just right, and all I had time to do with my hair was pull it into a knotted, curly ponytail. From the get go I could tell this was going to be a long day.
As I rushed around my bedroom, trying to pull myself together for work, I didn't take a second to stop, breath and open up my Bible. My mind was on the million little things I had to finish doing, the family stress and the nonstop busy day I had ahead of me,
Finally I pulled my purse over my should, grabbed my piles of clothes I had to change into for children's ministry, my books, and my not so tasty coffee and headed to work.
I think the Lord has a humorous way of showing us when we need to slow down and breath, but I did not find it so funny.
As I reached my car I saw a tub of green jello looking stuff smeared across the asphalt. I made a disgusted face and proceeded to head towards the driver's door. I stopped dead in my tracks to find green jello stuff smeared across the back of my car. Not only was it green but I saw flecks of yellow goo and brown paste. It seemed to have dried and cracked on my car in a not so flattering way. Flustered and upset I burst into my house and grabbed a wash cloth to scrub the stuff off. Just as I was getting ready to text my boss and let her know I was going to be late my dad came in and asked me what was wrong.
I recapped the story for him and he immediately rushed outside and pulled the hose out. In a moments notice my dad, still in his pajamas, was at my car washing off what appeared to be green jello, peanut butter and eggs. I used the rag to scrub away the little he had not been able to wash off, and within five minutes was in my car heading to work.
I was going to make it on time and everything would work out just fine. I raced down the street until I realized... I had forgot my lunch. I had to turn around. I was going to be gone from 8am to 10pm, and needed some kind of food to keep my going. I rushed up the street and ran into my house to grab the food from the freezer. My dad chuckled and I just rolled my eyes in frustration. This day certainly wasn't getting any better.
It wasn't until I got to work when I sat down, took a deep breath and relaxed that I realize what the Lord had been doing. He was teaching me patience, just as He had been teaching it to me all week long with the family situation. I pulled out my Bible and read a few chapters of Exodus (the book I am reading.) I laughed because I was reading about the plagues. The Israelites were so patient as Pharoah continually held them in captivity. God kept sending plagues and the Israelites had patience in knowing the Lord would prevail and carry them out of the trial.
I get so busy, and do so much rushing around that I don't take a second to just read a verse and pray. I dont focus on the Lord and I speed through every second of my life. I don't have patience and know the Lord will take care of me through the day, and instead I get frustrated with every little thing that doesn't go according to my plans.
Moral of the story: Wake up earlier so I am not rushing around.... haha. Really what I learned was that I need to put my trust in the Lord. I need to stop worry about all the things I have to get done and take a second to hear what he has to say to me, have patience through the frustrating situation and take a second to relax, breath and pray.

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