Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

Although we do not know the exact date or time, Christmas is the day we remember the child that was born in a manger. Many people did not realize that the tiny, beautiful baby boy born in a filthy animal trough (manger) would grow up to save to world.
That beautiful, perfect and innocent child would one day be mocked, scorned, laughed at and have a crown made out of thorns forced upon His head. He would suffer a terrible death that should only befall the worst kind of criminals, crucifixion.

The amazing part is that, although all those terrible things happened the story doesn't end there. Three days after His death Jesus rose again and walked the earth. His death and resurrection fulfilled the debt owed for our sins.

We are filthy sinners full of greed and lust but we are forgiven and by God's grace we can be saved. Through faith in Christ Jesus and believing He died on the cross and rose again we can be washed clean. We will still sin, but God will see us through Jesus, that baby boy who was born in a manger and grew up to save the world. Jesus will be our wrath absorbing substitute as we stand before God.

Praise God for sending His son to rescue us, and remember why we celebrate CHRISTmas.

As the totally unoriginal, but completely true saying goes, "Jesus is the reason for the season," so let's keep it that way.


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