Monday, March 11, 2013


Things were okay on day three. Because I was so busy I blended a strawberry-banana smoothie for breakfast and took it to go. Lunch I ate some left over broccoli-butternut squash salad and a slice of sweet potato. Dinner was just a half of a sweet potato and some green tea as I headed for Vallejo to work at my Church children ministry.

Day 4 has definitely been more dificult. All I want is cheese and bread. For breakfast I ate a strawberry and banana smoothie (they are getting kind of old.) My friend asked me to get lunch with her, and since we haven't seen each other in quite some time I thought we should get together. The problem is there is hardly anything I can eat. So I head to the place next store to my work, expecting to ask for a plain green salad with no dressing or anything. As we sit down and begin perusing the menu I see that they have plain potatoes grilled with olive oil and sprinkled with seasonings. Starch and olive oil are both on the "okay" list. So lunch turned out to be pretty tasty!
Dinner was pretty delicious. I took some yams and cut them into small slices. Then I tossed them with olive oil, garlic, and various seasons and set them in the oven to cook. When they were done I had some delicious sweet potato fries. I grilled up some veggies and dinner was served.

Day 5 was fairly average. More fruits and veggies and a struggle to avoid all the junk food at my friends birthday party. I succeeded :)

Day 6 (Saturday) was probably the hardest day so far. I spent the night at my friends house Friday night so on Saturday I woke up and didn't eat. It was no big deal as the day went on until everyone decided we should go to Mary's for lunch. Okay, bread and pizza are my weakness! So I ended up ordering a spinach salad, which ended up being mostly spinach with a few walnuts and cranberries sprinkled on top. Lunch turned out to be basically spinach leaves. Afterwards I headed home and had to hurry and get ready because my family and I were headed to a show. We planned to get dinner with the group we were going with. Obviously my experience earlier that day did not make me think wisely before we left the house. So I left the house, still hungry, and assumed I could eat a salad at whatever dinner place we went to. We ended up in Napa... at a pizza place... are you serious!! They ordered a salad for everyone to share, but all it had on it were a few pieces of chicken and some cheese. Again, something I totally couldn't eat. By the time I got home that night I was so hungry it was ridiculous. I ate an orange and went to bed. That was certainly a trying day.

Day 7 was pretty average. I actually treated myself by making some homemade protein cookie things. I boiled apples and cinnamon to make apple sauce and dates, water and cinnamon to make date honey. I mashed bananas, fresh ground peanut butter and crushed almonds together, mixed in a little date honey, apple sauce, cranberries and oats and rolled little balls to make cookies. It tasted kind of like an oatmeal bite. Pretty tasty and satisfied my sweet tooth with a healthy, all natural solution.

As day 8 begins I can't help but be proud of myself. This has had it's ups and downs, but the Lord has definitely given me strength to succeed. I know even when this is over I want to continue with a healthier life style.

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