Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Daniel Fast

Daniel chose not to live off of the kings richest food and best wine but to live off of vegetables and water. He did not want to defile himself with the glutinous ways of the court, but chief eunich was afraid that if Daniel ate only vegetables and drank only water he would be weaker then the other men his age and this would displease the king. Daniel told the chief eunich to test him for ten days, whoever was the weaker of the men would be dealt with accordingly. God blessed Daniel's faithfulness and after ten days Daniel was found healthier then the men of the King's court.

After reading this story it really inspired me to take a step foreward and do a fast. So today marks the beginning of my ten day fast. My fast focusing on two things I am praying for. The first is something I have struggled with for my entire life, my weight. The second thing I am currently struggling with, my future.

I have tried all kinds of things to be healthy, but the key I have been missing every time I work on my weight is prayer. I have not asked the Lord to help me but have relied on my own strength to make it happen. I know I can't do anything without the Lord's help but I never really thought about Him helping me with something like weight loss and healthy living. Now I am realizing that I have to ask Him for help, because I really can't do it on my own. This fast is not about losing weight but about praying that the Lord strengthens me in my struggle to be healthy. Everytime I feel hungry or tired I am reminded to pray.

As I start transitioning into a new adventure in life the unknown future looms dauntingly ahead of me. I am quitting my job at the beginning of May, and leaving to spend the summer in Oklahoma at the end of May. After that I don't know exactly what I am going to do. This fast is a constant reminder to ask the Lord to give me peace in the future and courage in the present.

So I challenge you to take ten days and fast. Ten days of no animal products, processed sugar or grains (bread, pasta etc...) Stick to fruits, veggies, nuts and beans.
Not only will you feel healthier but you will see your relationship with God grow stronger. I have only been doing this one day and I am already seeing the positive effects.


  1. I am considering taking a fast closer to my mission trip. I'm not sure if I will or for how long if I do, but I will be praying for you as you partake this fast.

  2. I have done the Daniel fast before and I would do it again, it was a real time of blessings and learning.
    Talking about the aspect of trying to lose weight, and realising you can not do it without the Lord, reminds me of Selah's version of I look to you as Amy Perry talks about her weight issues. Check it out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gP2IzErAQPs.
    All the best with the fast